Within the course of this module, I feel that I have achieved my aim, to produce a series of images depicting the subways in Birmingham. I have tried to focus hard on this subject without distraction, but also encompass a variety in my shots and staying within the realms of subject matter. I believe that using film to explore this subject has certainly helped me become more meticulous with my shots. I have explored a more varied viewpoint and as a consequence become sure of a style that works for me. I have been able to set about the task of undertaking this project, enhancing my skills and concepts continually while doing so.

Looking at artist Perry Roberts the attention to form, structure and surface detail are elements that are fundamental to my own work. I have used explored this, tightly cropping the frame in my shots, giving attention to the detail in the walls surface. Naoya Hatakeyama gritty images capture the extreme lighting conditions of the underground by the placement of spotlights. I drew inspiration from this in numerous ways has helped me further progress my work’s concepts and structure, I am building series of works which explore a very mundane subject matter in exaggerated detail.

I have successfully maintained a balance between photographing, processing and printing my images. I have had to consider conditions such as the weather in the management of my time this being an important factor as to whether or not I shoot. I t was important for me to have strong contrasting light accentuating the bleak and drab areas. I started developing my film in the darkroom, I also developed some of the film at home as I think this became a better use of my time and I could concentrate on my prints in the darkroom. Using 120 film has been quite a long process, only able to develop one film at a time,

I made the decision to purchase a Mamiya medium format camera for this project. It was hugely important to use medium format, as the quality achieved with my empire junior was an aspect of photography I wanted to keep. The 120 film gives me the need to really think about the shot and has also given me confidence in photography I was impressed with the consistency of my exposures I experimented with digital and traditional light meters from the photography suite. Using this information to have a more precise vision of the viewfinder light meter. I have continued to use technology to make my workflow run efficiently.

This is another module in which I have been very happy with my work. I feel that with regards to both my skills and my final piece, I have achieved a level that I am currently content with. I have drawn from the experiences gained during this project to further enhance my ability, both aesthetically and theoretically. I have grown as an artist and can contemplate on my work with optimism.