Artist Statement

Birmingham Subways


Michelle Barker



My work comprises of photographs taken in an around Birmingham. I have an interest in documenting these non-places and I feel my work helps to give these places a sense of importance within our history.


My current work has been a progression of my previous work, still working with confines of the ‘city’; I have set about photographing the subways in central Birmingham. I have explored these areas in meticulous detail to produce a series of images focused within the city center.


Artists Bernd and Hilla Becher have been instrumental to the progression of my work, the work they produce motivates be to draw aesthetics from the mundane.


I use medium format film and my Mamiya 645 in these current works, the nostalgic feel this gives the images accentuates the feelings for the place. During the documentation of these images, I feel that I am actually capturing the images rather than a digitally made version of the image. This is an important contributing factor of my work, the images are not snapshot’s but important pieces of my history.