by aninsignificantspace

I have spent the last few weeks taking photos, I have had to get used to the new camera, quickly so as i have two film holder and subways are not always easily accessible for me, I have shot anything of interest this has helped me to learn the capabilities of the camera quicker. I have shot two of the subway the city centre and will process these films tonight. While taking these images I kept in mind the works of the two photographers that have interested me the most Naoya Hatakeyama and Perry Roberts. Naoya Hatakeyama use of light although strong gives and even deeper sense of desolation and give his images a gritty feel that works well with the subject. Perry Roberts uses a really close viewpoint this really enhances patterns in the structure. Roberts images of central library give the drab old building a completely different look a technique using a tightly cropped framed I have seen used in my own work.