Yesterday I sca…

by aninsignificantspace

Yesterday I scanned my negatives into the computer, using the Epson V750 in uni. The images came up really well and clear with a good range of greys in the highlights and the shadows. This was the t-max film, today i’m going to scan in the ilford negatives and decide from the comparison which i prefer. 

I’m going to shoot 2 subways today, Five ways; i know the images i want to get at this subway, but i think i will start with the digital, get some shots and see if there is anything else i think works well. Then i will take some film shots. I’m also going to the subway by Gosta green, where i will do the same.

I will continuously have in mind the distance i take from the subject, and be vey careful to relay this though out my images. 

Tonight i will process the film i use, so then i can scan them tomorrow as well as making contact sheets and and test prints for the image i will bring to my tutorial on monday. 

I have looked into colour slide film and have found out that these images have amazing tones in them when scanned, as i have access to the pro scanner, i will get some images on colour slide film. I think I will get these processed at Palm Labs as i don’t have the equipment to process colour well enough. i’ll scan them into the computer (hi-res), so i can do post production on them if needed and bring these to the printers. I really liked the metallic paper i used for my last module. So i’m expecting film to really be enhanced my this paper.