by aninsignificantspace

Today I have been really productive, I managed to get some (fingers crossed) good images, the light was strong so the was some good shadows casting down onto the subways. once again i took  a couple of shots that i had taken previously digitally, as well as a few others, i think i used about 7 frames today. If the lights good tomorrow i’ll go back and get some frames tomorrow.

I also managed to get hold of an enlarger today a family friend has an old darkroom he is trying to clean out, there are lots of other bits there, so i’m going to go again at a more convenient time to have a better look. I also picked up some chemicals and A3 size trays.

I only have a 35mm mask with this enlarger so I have had a look on the web and think I might try something like this fotogogo.

Thinking about my final project, I would really like to do some large black and white prints. I have been researching dodging and burning, where photoshop comes in handy once again, and i will be trying some of these techniques in the darkroom. A few include; using your hand to ever areas of the paper from the light, a brush type tool, and a pieces of card board with a hole in.

Also one last thing…..I have found photoshop really useful in process of learning within the darkroom words like dodging and burning which fundamentally the same just a different process. But also things like tweaking CMY filters to add more or less contrast.

Plan for tomorrow, Have a good look at my negatives and plan darkroom work for monday, ROADMAP!! and a bit of research….