In progress

by aninsignificantspace

I have spent this week in the darkroom, I had some old 2.5×2.5 negative to print and a 120 film to develop. I started with the negatives and ran some strip tests and got most of those done over 2 days. I have also managed to develop one of my films which is  100 iso. These turned out really well, I was more specific about picky about the shots i took, and also retook a few images that i had taken before digitally.  The images i have taken this week are some film images of the subways, and digital images of other areas around birmingham such as Livery street.

Although i have really enjoyed using and experimenting with the Empire Junior, the quality of the images are not consistent and they are not particulary sharp. I have decided to start looking into getting a medium format camera, i’m looking at the rolliflex bronica and the mamiya. Getting one of these will provide me with more control of my images and improve the overall quality.