Dionisio Gonzalez Photography – Josh Spear, Trendspotting

by aninsignificantspace

Trying to research this artist has been is incredibly difficult, from what i gather Dionisio Gonzalez is a elderly photographer who’s most recent work is based in Brazil. His pieces are an amazing fusion of contrasting colour and unorganised architecture, a juxtaposition of shapes showing the flavelas to be unique.

Some of the most impressive photography work we saw at Photo Miami came from Dionisio Gonzalez, who deftly documents the architectural disarrangement of shanty towns in Sao Paolo, Brazil by piecing together photos of the shanty towns themselves with photos of modern, geometric architecture that blend the clean and modern with the grungy and scattered. The artistic result is a long, landscaped image that will at once please and confuse your eyes at they trace from one side to the other. Gonzalez is represented by Fiedler Contemporary in Koln, Germany– but otherwise, there is little information on the web about this uber-talented photographer and artist. The best link I found to a sampling of his work (besides Fiedler Contemporary’s site) is here.

Dionisio Gonzalez Photography – Josh Spear, Trendspotting.