designboom asked british artist / graphic designer daniel eatock about his recent book and upcoming projects

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daniel eatock

daniel eatock (born 1975 bolton, UK) is an artist
and graphic designer who lives and works in london.
after graduating from the royal college of art in 1998
he spent a short time in the US working at the walker
art center in minneapolis. upon his return to london
eatock launched foundation 33, which he later merged
with the creative agency boymeetsgirl. in 2003 he
started eatock ltd. which is the banner he continues
to work under today.

while eatock produces work for clients such as the
new york times, and britain’s channel 4 many of his
pieces / projects are self initiated. from fruit bowls
covered in fruit stickers, to letraset markers being left
to bleed onto paper for a month – these are just a few
of the explorative works that have steadily helped
eatock’s concepts find their way from his website
to art galleries.

I am interested in connections between image and
language, titles, punch lines, miscommunication,
subversions, open systems, contributions from others,
seriality, collections, discovery and inventing. I employ
reductive logic, and strive for objective and rational
solutions to form concluded works.’

in 2005, eatock collaborated with with jeffrey vaska
to create ‘indexhibit’ a content management application
that users can download for free.

‘indexhibit is a web application used to build and
maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that
combines text, image, movie and sound.’

using indexhibit eatock has gradually built-up a
wonderful array of work on his website. you’ll find his
not yet made‘ and realized pieces along with his
continuous project ‘picture of the week‘ – photographs
which highlight everyday examples of chance,
coincidence, accidents and humor. as well as featuring
his own work on the site eatock also invites people
to contribute to his ongoing projects two of which are
camera straps‘ – photograph the strap attached to
your camera and ‘no photo‘ – photograph the signs that
tell you not to. eatock publishes all the submissions he
receives online, generating databases of themed images
taken by people from all over the world.

this year (2008) princeton architectural press
published ‘imprint’. designed and written by eatock
the book challenges and subverts the traditional
expectations of a monograph, presenting works
based on connectionsand associations through color,
composition, titles, material, and format rather than
in chronological or hierarchical order.


designboom asked daniel eatock about his recent book
and upcoming projects:

please could you describe your background?
a sunset with silhouetted palm trees.

what is your daily routine?
fresh juice
food shopping

how many of your concepts ‘not yet made’ do you
intend to make?
no absolute numbers, I am currently making a record
with a quarter mile grove and the mile long web scroll
for an upcoming show at the arcadia university art
gallery in philadelphia. some things its nice to make,
others work best just as ideas, it depends on time,
context and money.

which of your projects have you enjoyed most?
‘imprint’ my book recently published by princeton
architectural press it is A4, has 224 pages, and lots
of works juxtaposed in seemingly random order that
yields many nice coincidences and alignments. it has
a hand drawn circle randomly inserted and my thumb
print on the spine. another would be the ‘thank you
‘ and the ‘no smoking signs‘, that people email
to me.

with many of your projects being self-initiated how
active are you in seeking out ‘commercial work’
to support yourself?

not active.

how often does your unpaid work inform paid work
and how do you delegate your time between them?

every-time, its all one thing, no clocks.

upcoming projects?
I am trying to suspend a balloon in perfect equilibrium,
and make a perfect hand-drawn circle.


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designboom asked british artist / graphic designer daniel eatock about his recent book and upcoming projects.