Insignificant Space


The End..




After spending the earlier half of he week prepping and painting the walls, I now have my images installed. I have my images remounted and the white background works well to enhance the images. I am very happy with the space I have for my images.



Finishing touches – Frames.

I’m off to get my frames from ikea today, I planned to get them earlier in the week, but after speaking to stuart, I have decided to try and get the images to fill the frame without mounting so I will bring my prints with me to ensures I get the right size. I have decided on white frames and if needed white mounting.

Framing decisions.

My ideas for presenting my work have evolved over the last few weeks, and I liked the presentation of my last piece so felt that this would be a good simple but structured approach to use. Which I felt worked well with the theme of my work. Is have also considered the possibilities of placing my images at different sizes within a partitioned space. I tried this idea out in photoshop and after printing images of different sizes I decided against this as I preferred the larger images. The images have really good detail and tonal qualities and for this reason I felt it more important to show this in the images than showing a larger number at a smaller scale. So have decided to present four images at around a3 size I with chunky frames. I have yet to decide on wether I will use black or white frames. So I will try this out in photoshop to get more of a idea of how this will look.

Today I picked …

Today I picked up my prints, I have been really worried about the contrast and sharpness of the images, due to enlargement. I am really pleased with them though, there much better than i expected. The size of the image has further pushed these images aesthetically giving them a place also, in fine art.